• Step 1. Copy the service link from which you need to save the video, for example Youtube.

    On the site Youtube Open the target line of the browser on which the video is located and click copy in the context menu or click Ctrl+C / CMD+C. In the application, find the Share button and then copy the link.

  • Step 2. Copped link stand in form FetchFile

    Click insert a copied link into form FetchFile

  • Step 3. Click the “Get” button and after a couple of seconds there will be links to video/audio

    Select the necessary video format and click “Download” or “Save in Dropbox”.

Use labeling labeling for quick download

Just drag the button below to the bookmark panel:


A new bookmark will be added to your browser. Whenever you want to upload a video, for example, from YouTube or any other supported website, just click the bookmark to view available links to download your video.

Using Fetchfile, you can quickly and easily upload a video from all supported websites on the go.

All table browsers are supported.

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